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Seche Vite

Seche Vite Experience First Hard

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin is a therapy wax which moisturizes skin, opens pores....

Tangerine Twist

  Anti-Fungal, Anti-Septic, Tangerine Extract

Cucumber Fresh

  Freshen, Soften, Cucumber Extract

Olive Sentation

  Repair, Renew, Virgin Olive Oil Extract

Ocean Refresh

  A mist of ocean breeze, seaweed extract peppermint

Lavender Relieve

  A Burst Of Lavender Aroma, Lavender Extract  

Lemon Quench

  Purify, Moisturize, Lemon Extract

Green Tea

  Purify, Revive, Green Tea Extract

Collagen Gloves

Full arm collagen massage

Collagen Socks

Collagen treatment on your feet while beatiflying your nails

Vitamin Recharge

    A blast of pink grapefruit vitamin C

Nexgen Nails

  Nails by nexgen