Acrylic nails are most common and popular artificial nails enhancements. They can be used over a full nail or just a portion to create tip. To create an acrylic nail, a mixture of acrylic liquid and powder is applied to the nail and shaped according to one’s desire. The mixture hardens on its own in the matter of minutes. Thay provide very good canvases for doing nail art. You can do any kind of nail art on them. Since the nails are artificial and can be discarded, there is no fear over the number and amount of polish and other elements used in the nail art. In India, acrylic nails are getting popular day by day, from television actresses or movie stars to your next door girl, everybody is adorning these nails. Acrylic Fullset in Lake Worth Acrylic with Gel Polish in Boynton Beach Acrylic Fullset in Boynton Beach

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Over the time period I came to know that most of the salons do not tell their clients the pros and cons of the acrylic nails. It is the duty of the nail technician or the owner of the nail salon to provide the complete information before starting. Before you go get yourself a mannicure, arm yourself with proper knowledge to avoid mishaps. It’s very important to know what happens when you are getting any kind of enhancements.


Pros of Acrylic Nails:



  • Acrylic nails are the ultimate ‘God’s Gift to Mankind’ for those women tho bite their nails and wish to quit the habit.Since they are tougher and stronger than the natural nails that we have, they do not break when bitten as easily as the natural ones. Unless, of course, the nail biter’s will os stronger than the nails themselves! arlic 2
  • They are also very beneficial for those who have unhealthy nails –  the kind that chip of easily, split, or are in any other way unmanageable. Acrylic nails are stronger and can take much more wear and tear, than the natural nails.
  • They are easy to paint with the nail paint of one’s choice. Once applied, the color does not wear off easily like it does in the natural nails.
  • They can be either attached to the base of the nail, i.e. from where the nail begins to grow, or at the very end, as an extension to the natural nails that we possess, especially by people who do not wish the skin of their fingers to touch an artificial substance.



Cons of Acrylic Nails:


  • No matter how beautiful they may look, and no matter how experienced a beautician we go to, for application of acrylic nails, these nails will continue to look artificial as compared to the natural ones. Acrylic fix 2
  • No matter how strong they are, they are incapable of protecting our original nails from wear and tear that they will undergo if they are weak and chip easily. If the acrylic nails bend or twist due to some reason, it could be very painful for the wearer. This is also a way of saying that nothing can substitute healthy, strong nails, which demand a balanced diet with lots of proteins, plenty of water, and enough milk.
  • They can damage your natural nail underneath and it can be hard to grow out your nails with acrylic over them. Also, damaged nail is a breeding ground for dungus and bacteria.
  • If one does not know how to properly remove acrylic nails after use, it might cause skin problems. The material used to bond the acrylic nail to the ones we have naturally, may harm the nails or the skin around it. Thus, one should be extra careful while removing them.
  • Application of acrylic nails involves use of strong chemicals and formation of fumes. Some women may have an allergy to such chemicals.
  • You need refilling every month which requires spending extra bucks.