Mini Facial (30 mins)                   $35
Deep Pore Cleansing (60 mins) $65
Great for any skin type. A fine rejuvenating and pampering experience. Our customized European facial targets clogged pores and fine lines. It will renew and refresh your skin. A combination of deep pore cleansing and soothing mask to match each skin type. This facial also includes a hand face, neck and shoulder massage. It will truly refresh your skin, body and soul
Gentlement ‘s Facial (60 mins) $65
The deep complexion cleanse and complete skin detox. This super-grooming deep cleansing facial de-congests the skin, working over time to help accelerate skin repair and neutralize impurities. Leaving the skin visibly clear and squeaky clean
Acne (60 mins)                           $75
This facial addresses the main areas of concern for the acneic clients: bacteria control, gentle exfoliation and excessive oil production.