Gel Powder

Gel nails are a form of artificial nail application. Gel can be applied directly to the nail bed or used with a nail tip to extend the length of the nail. Once the gel is applied to the nail, it is then cured under a special UV light to harden the gel. gelpowder When using tips to extend nail length, the tip is glued to the nail, then the gel is applied over the nail and cured. Without a tip, the gel is applied directly to the nail and cured. This method is great for strengthening your natural nail, while allowing your nails to grow.

  • Gel nails can be used with or without a nail tip for added length. It needs to be filled every 2 weeks or so. One advantage of gel applications is that they are odorless whereas the acrylic smell can be overwhelming for some:
  • Gel nails also look very, very natural, with or without an added tip. And can be worn without nail polish.
  • As with all artificial nails, gel especially should be applied by a mastered professional. The application method and products are odorless.